Micro Monsters

Micro Monsters


In`Micro Monsters, four races of horribly cute aliens ` Autogators, Bigbears, Finbacks, and Turboturtles ` face off, with each race wanting to close the rival monsters` dimensional gates. Using dexterity-based game play similar to that in`MicroMutantsand`X-Bugs` and more commonly seen in`Tiddly Winks` players in`Micro Monsters`shoot` their monster tokens across the playing area by pressing on one edge of them with a `monster shooter` to send them flying. Land on an opponent, even with the tiniest bit of your monster, and you capture that opponent`s token, removing it from play. Land on an opponent`s gate, on the other hand, and you remove one of that opponent`s energy tokens; take an opponent`s final token and she must flip her gate to the damaged side. Land on a damaged gate, and that opponent is out of the game!



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